a love of creation; the infatuation of evolving ideas from one’s imagination

Founded in October 2012 by Ivette Cabrera, Francy Freixas and Natalia Molina, Viophilia is a studio collective compromised of an exhibition space, five artist studios and an in-house gallery. Created for artists by artists with a need for an environment conducive to creativity and productivity. Viophilia hosts some of the most talked about events in Wynwood Miami and has been featured in numerous publications. Artists have gone on to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live, screened in Miami Short Film Festival, blogged about on Miami New Times as well as The Miami Herald and exhibited in the Baker Museum in Naples Florida among others.

Our goal is simple, we honor the rebel, the ground-breaker, the habitual-over-the-line-stepper and those who refuse to play by the rules. Viophilia is created as a creative sanctuary where artists who wish to escape the confines of society can flourish without giving in to the mediocre standards of life. Where we will go from here is unknown but the destination is always all the same. We invite you to join us on that creative journey into the unknown.