Viophilia Art Fair "Wynwood's Most Underground Art Fair" Spoonsored by Mount Gay Rum

7PM - !0PM
164 NW 20 ST UNIT 101
MIAMI, FL 33127

In partnership with Mount Gay Rum who will be serving their hand crafted and spice blended rum drinks throughout the night. Art shows hosted by VIU Gallery,  Carlos Macedo Art and Ivette Cabrera. Viophilia kicks of Art Basel with Wynwood's Most Underground Art Fair by invite only. Resident artists will have an array of artworks available for purchase with live tattoo sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

The Mount Gay Rum Bespoke Old Fashioned Bar will served custom-crafted serve variations of the classic stirred cocktail with unique bitters to tailor the flavor of each drink to each guest’s taste. As many Art Basel events are aimed towards creative and unique guests, a majority of which are familiar with classic cocktails, the Old-Fashioned Bespoke Bar will work beautifully to offer something crafted for each vibrant personality. In addition to our Bespoke offerings, we will also serve a classic Barbados Rum Punch as a secondary cocktail for those who just want something light, bright, and quick.

Viophilia Wynwood resident artists begin mural in Little Haiti

Wynwood resident artists and founder of Viophilia Ivette Cabrera and Amir Shakir aka Color Dreamers begin the process of creating a new mural in Little Haiti Miami for the community organization Little Haiti Mural Project curated by YoMiami. The concept of the artwork is based on the Haitian Saint Ezili Dantor who is considered the protector of children or the Black Madonna in Haitian Voodoo. She encompasses the spirit of motherhood and is considered a tough warrior who honors honesty, vulnerability and hard work. 

"We believe in the power of the Haitian people to stand strong and united. The culture is very diverse and has an amazing history of being the first nation to abolish slavery by organizing a slave revolt against French colonial dominance. In modern day, we can see the trickled effects as the Haitian community is slowly beginning to be overrun by developers closing in on the area. Our message was to create mural that represents strength and awaken the warrior spirit within the Haitian community to fight gentrification by others. We hope to have a lasting impression on all those that visit the area. We encourage visitors to respect and honor the Haitian traditions and help support locally Haitian owned businesses." 

Viophilia presents Adaptation: A Portfolio of Biological Futurism

Viophilia presents Adaptation: A Portfolio of Biological Futurism


A solo exhibition of the drawings of artist Judith Berk King curated by Ivette Cabrera.
Opening Reception May 5, 2016 |  7pm-11pm
Exhibition Dates May 5-20, 2016

Viophilia is pleased to present Adaptation : A Portfolio of Biological Futurism, a solo exhibition of new works by artist Judith Berk King. Translated from the Journal of Biological Discovery, many years in the future: For millions of years, the earth has been undergoing a series of ‘extinctions’ as unsuccessful species have died out, their niches overwhelmed by successful contenders. We are currently undergoing a Sixth Extinction, and animals and plants will have to evolve quickly in order to survive. The drawings here represent a sample of species that might develop in response to our rapidly evolving ecosystems, or that might be created by deliberate hybridization and forced mutation.

"Scientific specimens presented by museums in their glass cases and the artistic renderings of previous eras have always fascinated me. The displays and drawings enabled me to enter a place where strange objects, transformed by preservation and dissection, were brought into the light of day. As an artist, I focus on the creation and display of curious zoological and botanical structures. The objects constructed may live somewhere in the present or may exist in the future. The style of the work may be contemporary or recall the work of scientific illustrators of the past, transcending time. Through re-imagination and distortion, I invite the viewer to examine and interpret the ambiguous and sometimes disquieting forms that inhabit these works."

About the Artist: Judith Berk King lives and works in Miami, Florida. She studied fine art at Kensington and Chelsea College in London, England and received her MFA from Miami International University of Art & Design. She has attended residencies at the Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences and Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts. Her drawings and ceramic work has been published in books and periodicals, and she been exhibited in London, New York, Los Angeles and Fuping, China, as well as a number of other national and international venues.

We invite you to take a special journey to a time in the future where we explore the past mutations of biological creatures that existed on this planetlong ago and have now become extinct.


VYING 2015 Art Basel Competition and $500 Grand Art Prize

VYING 2015 Art Basel Competition and $500 Grand Art Prize

Vying 2015 international art competition at Viophilia received submissions from around the world displaying tremendous artist skill and imagination. The exhibit opening night was a memorable occasion during Miami Art Basel week, allowing artist to meet and collectors to visit. We want to thank all the artist for participating in the competition and give a special thanks to those who came to the opening showcase. 

Vying 2015 exhibit remains open for private viewing at Viophilia Gallery until December 13, 2015. 

164 NW 20th St Unit 101
Miami, FL 33127

Dia de los Muertos Exhibit at Viophilia: A celebration of Life and Death

Dia de los Muertos Exhibit at Viophilia: A celebration of Life and Death

Thursday October 29, 2015
7pm - 11pm

164 N.W. 20st Unit 101
Miami, FL 33127

Viophilia presents Dia de los Muertos a 3 year anniversary event held at Viophilia located in Wynwood Miami, Florida. We welcome past, present and future supporters of Viophilia to a very special night curated by Ivette Cabrera. Our vision is to keep shifting the realm of the art world and bringing forth the highest quality of boundary pushers, ground breakers and shape shifters that don't play well by the rules. October marks 3 years of Viophilia; a name which represents the obsession to create. Throughout our time at Viophilia we have had the honor to represent, curate and collaborate with many talented artists ranging from all styles of art forms. This year we want to honor their life and creative strive while honoring those who have influenced their lives but are no longer present...

New Music Video for Naicisum Miami alternative rock band releases today!


Hello Viophilia art lovers, movers and shakers!

We wanted to share with you one of the latest projects of our in house Resident Artist Amir Shakir who's Miami alternative rock band is called Naicisum. His new music video for the song "Going In" off the Stranded in Earth album depicts some the rainy and abandoned streets of Miami.

Naicisum is an alternative rock band from Miami, Florida, founded in 2010 by Amir Shakir (Lead Vocalist, guitar) and Casey Kimble (guitar, backing vocals). Naicisum’s “sound” is diverse but distinct with hints of R&B and Hip Hop grooves sheltered by heavy guitars driving dynamic variation. You can expect the smooth and sensual but be ready for the heavy and chunky when listening to Naicisum’s debut album. The music is dynamic with progressive melodies and lyrics that impart the beauties and struggles of the human experience.

The bands debut album was titled Stranded on Earth to bring attention to the relentless battle for human freedom and survival on ever abundant Earth. Earth sustains life effortlessly and generously unless greed hampers her ability to share freely. If we destroy our environment we will be stranded here..

You can buy the song or album here and here!

Follow them through the links below!

Facebook Twitter Website Instagram YouTube

Fadin' | Denitia x Kendall Morgan | Premiered on Ravelin

Fadin' | Denitia x Kendall Morgan | Premiered on Ravelin

Denitia + Kendall Morgan–Fadin’

If post-apocalyptic science fiction provides any insight into the future, it’s that humanity will take one of two divergent paths: the advent of new and more complex technology, the kind that syncs with our body parts, or the destruction of it all, till we’re back to a now-scorched land and forced to re-build civilizations from scratch. Both are equally terrifying, plausible, and aesthetically inspiring.

In Denitia’s video for “Fadin’,” featuring singer Kendall Morgan, we find ourselves immersed in the world of the latter: a beautiful and cultish tribe of forest-dwelling babes pay homage to a crescent-tiara-adorned lunar queen and sway to a languid beat, heavy and grooving with a sadness that’s almost physically rich. Directed by Natalia Molina and Andres Melo, the video finds Denitia and Kendall cloaked and nearly obscured, unseen by the group but guiding them like smooth demi-goddesses.

One-half of R&B group denitia and sene, the Brooklyn-based Denitia produced the song herself after co-writing its lyrics with Kendall. Years ago, the two met and played shows together in Nashville before parting ways to separate cities and endeavors: while Kendall collaborated with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Tech N9ne and Denitia blazed her own soul-folk track—sometimes alongside Sene, sometimes alone—they both continued to write and record their own works. “Whether you’re releasing your own emotions or channeling someone else’s experiences,” says Kendall, “songwriting is a healing mechanism for everyone involved in the process.” Solo albums by both artists are slated for release soon—“Fadin’” is our creeping, heartachey signpost in the road, indicating what’s to come.

Watch the video above and stream the song, out via Adesuwa Records, here.

Justin Wood presents Future Painting

Justin Wood presents Future Painting

Opening Reception March 14  7-11 pm

164 N.W. 20 Street Unit 101

Miami, FL 33127

Viophilia resident artist Justin Wood presents Future Painting is the culmination of 4 years of aesthetic research into the use of video mapping on 2D artworks. Justin Wood creates video mapped psychedelic mixed media abstract paintings. Some of the works have video projected on top of them, and the others are created directly on the faces of video screens so that the video shows through them. Justin is challenging the notion that time and painting be separate entities. The show will also feature a large scale interactive projection painting that uses a Kinect depth sensor to respond to the environment – both the motion of the people in the room and the sounds they are making will influence the video on the painting.

“Video mapping enables us to employ any number of computer technologies into a traditionally static medium unlocking what I believe to be a major shift in the creation and critique of paintings.” Justin Wood






Atomik Solo Exhibition


PREVIEW: February 12th, 7:00pm – 11:00pm
OPENS: February 14th, 7:00pm – 11:00pm
SHOW CLOSES: March 7th (*All viewings by appointment only starting February 15th)
WHERE: Viophilia /164 NW 20th Street/Suite 101-102/Miami/FL/33127
CONTACT: Christopher Maslow 321.917.6559

Opening Valentines Day 2015, the latest Solo Exhibition from Atomik - quite fittingly titled “No Love” will be on display at Viophilia in the Wynwood Art District. Arguably the most prolific Miami graffiti writer of the 21st century, Atomik examines the relationships of rivalries and opposition he experiences stemming from the competitive graffiti culture in his “No Love” exhibition. The two part showcase will feature a gallery exhibition of Atomik's latest work curated by Christopher Maslow. The second half of the showcase will feature an Atomik Gift Shop, which while acting as a metaphor for the consumerism  driven holiday Valentines Day; will also feature original and limited edition Atomik products and collaborations available for purchase. Select collaborators include: Cushy Gigs, Miami Sign Shop, & Clubflyers.

World renown Miami native and member of the notorious MSG Cartel, Atomik is one of the most prolific Miami graffiti writers of all time. Spanning two decades and counting, Atomik continues to stay true to his foundation of vandalism leaving his mark in more than a dozen countries throughout the world. Most commonly know for his iconic orange character, Atomik's mark is easily recognizable and equally unmistakable. Atomik currently works from a studio in Little Haiti where he is preparing for upcoming solo exhibitions in Switzerland and New York. For more information about Atomik please visit:

Christopher Maslow is a Miami-based curator and artist who since 2007 has been curating gallery exhibitions throughout the country. In 2009 Maslow founded SLOW Gallery in Central Florida and later opened Christopher Maslow Gallery in Melbourne before relocating to Miami in 2013. Maslow works closely with emerging artists to create interactive exhibitions. Maslow currently acts as  resident curator at Viophilia in Miami and simultaneously operates Christopher Maslow Gallery at 164 NW 20th St Miami Florida.


Ivette Cabrera Exhibiting at The Baker Museum

Ivette Cabrera Exhibiting at The Baker Museum

Florida Contemporary Exhibit at Baker Museum in 2015 marks the fifth year of Florida Contemporary. Exploring traditional as well as innovative media, themes and approaches, the works included in the exhibition represent the most current trends in Florida’s artistic scene. From young emerging artists to well-established local figures, the selection invites audiences to experience a diversity of styles in the context of a multidisciplinary facility.

The works in this edition of Florida Contemporary evidence the vitality of the artistic production in the Sunshine State. From traditional subjects represented in innovative techniques to unexpected juxtapositions, Florida artists use their talents to explore current issues. Through a multiplicity of media—painting, drawing, sculpture, glass, textiles—this select group of artists articulates social and aesthetic commentaries about local as well as regional, global and personal topics. We invite audiences of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy this unique exhibition in which contemporary artists communicate with each other through their creations.

"In past cultures, a crown gave worth to an individual, it indicated their wealth and power and defined their influence within that society regardless of what gender, race or religion they were born into. My intent is to abstract that headdress and show that every woman wears a crown or headdress of importance if she were only to be aware of herself."
~Ivette Cabrera.

Florida Contemporary is generously underwritten by Bob and Terry Edwards and Friends of Art.


Andy Owen
Antonio Chagin
Bernadette Despujols
Bianca Pratorius
Chad Jensen
Deming Harriman
Griselle Gaudnik
Ivette Cabrera
John Carroll Long
Juan Travieso
Mally Khorasantchi
Melissa Barry
Muffy Clark Gill
Natalie Zlamalova
Penelope Breen
Renée Rey
Rick Newton
Sharon Lee Hart
Tammra Sigler
Valeria Yamamoto

Chritopher Maslow completes Lady Justice Mural Basel 2014

Chritopher Maslow completes Lady Justice Mural Basel 2014

The finished Mural at Viophilia by ‪#‎christophermaslow‬. We are very blessed and humbled by the talent of Chrisopher Maslow as he completes his Lady Justice Mural for Basel 2014! Make sure to stop by and get a look at some of those intricate details. Located at 164 N.W. 20st Wynwood. 

The arts are a powerful form of communication. The right piece in the right neighborhood can provoke change, whether that change is a cleaner street corner or an increase in property value. I believe a symbiosis occurs between the artist and the community when a mural or work of art is displayed publicly and I am interested in further exploring the cause and effect of that experiment.

"Nena" a short film written & directed by Christi J. Arce

"Nena" a short film written & directed by Christi J. Arce

Nena, a short film inspired by a true story follows the evolution of a young woman (played by Michelle Fuentes) as she encounters abuse in many different forms and searches for a pathway towards a new beginning. As a child Nena (played by Mylena Barrios) is stripped of something that will create a change in who she is forever. Although she hides these memories away in the back of her mind they some how seem to catch up to her as a woman, bringing her face to face with the harsh realities of life. 

Makers Market at Viophilia by Francy Freixas

Makers Market at Viophilia by Francy Freixas


Join us during Wynwood Art Walk for an evening of curated shopping and art at 20th Street Studio put together by resident artist Francy Freixas. Enjoy complimentary wine while you shop vintage fashions, re-purposed furnishings and local designer collections. 
Experience projected digital works by the newest member of the Viophilia family, Justin Wood and preview the "Beautiful Death" solo exhibition by Christopher Maslow.

Flyer by Ao Logics
Photo by Natalia Molina Photography