Denitia + Kendall Morgan–Fadin’

If post-apocalyptic science fiction provides any insight into the future, it’s that humanity will take one of two divergent paths: the advent of new and more complex technology, the kind that syncs with our body parts, or the destruction of it all, till we’re back to a now-scorched land and forced to re-build civilizations from scratch. Both are equally terrifying, plausible, and aesthetically inspiring.

In Denitia’s video for “Fadin’,” featuring singer Kendall Morgan, we find ourselves immersed in the world of the latter: a beautiful and cultish tribe of forest-dwelling babes pay homage to a crescent-tiara-adorned lunar queen and sway to a languid beat, heavy and grooving with a sadness that’s almost physically rich. Directed by Natalia Molina and Andres Melo, the video finds Denitia and Kendall cloaked and nearly obscured, unseen by the group but guiding them like smooth demi-goddesses.

One-half of R&B group denitia and sene, the Brooklyn-based Denitia produced the song herself after co-writing its lyrics with Kendall. Years ago, the two met and played shows together in Nashville before parting ways to separate cities and endeavors: while Kendall collaborated with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Tech N9ne and Denitia blazed her own soul-folk track—sometimes alongside Sene, sometimes alone—they both continued to write and record their own works. “Whether you’re releasing your own emotions or channeling someone else’s experiences,” says Kendall, “songwriting is a healing mechanism for everyone involved in the process.” Solo albums by both artists are slated for release soon—“Fadin’” is our creeping, heartachey signpost in the road, indicating what’s to come.

Watch the video above and stream the song, out via Adesuwa Records, here.