Natalia Molina is a fine art and conceptual photographer & visual artist based in Miami, FL. She has spent a considerate amount of her life traveling and living in other cities and countries. This has influenced the aesthetic of her work with a sense of nomadic restlessness and nostalgia. Her work is strongly evocative, ranging from deeply considered portraits to atmospheric manmade and natural environments. There is a play with magic and the surreal, a desire to transcend the confined mind into a wild and ethereal state of being.

As of recent, Natalia's work has been featured in public art installations with the Camera Club of New York in Port Authority and with Developers in the Miami Design District. Natalia's work has been exhibited internationally, and has campaigned in Spain and North Africa. She has published work with Vogue Korea, ArtSLant, There is No There, MTV3, BET, Miami New Times, amongst others.

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