A solo exhibition of the drawings of artist Judith Berk King curated by Ivette Cabrera.
Opening Reception May 5, 2016 |  7pm-11pm
Exhibition Dates May 5-20, 2016
RSVP: viophilia@gmail.com

Viophilia is pleased to present Adaptation : A Portfolio of Biological Futurism, a solo exhibition of new works by artist Judith Berk King. Translated from the Journal of Biological Discovery, many years in the future: For millions of years, the earth has been undergoing a series of ‘extinctions’ as unsuccessful species have died out, their niches overwhelmed by successful contenders. We are currently undergoing a Sixth Extinction, and animals and plants will have to evolve quickly in order to survive. The drawings here represent a sample of species that might develop in response to our rapidly evolving ecosystems, or that might be created by deliberate hybridization and forced mutation.

"Scientific specimens presented by museums in their glass cases and the artistic renderings of previous eras have always fascinated me. The displays and drawings enabled me to enter a place where strange objects, transformed by preservation and dissection, were brought into the light of day. As an artist, I focus on the creation and display of curious zoological and botanical structures. The objects constructed may live somewhere in the present or may exist in the future. The style of the work may be contemporary or recall the work of scientific illustrators of the past, transcending time. Through re-imagination and distortion, I invite the viewer to examine and interpret the ambiguous and sometimes disquieting forms that inhabit these works."

About the Artist: Judith Berk King lives and works in Miami, Florida. She studied fine art at Kensington and Chelsea College in London, England and received her MFA from Miami International University of Art & Design. She has attended residencies at the Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences and Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts. Her drawings and ceramic work has been published in books and periodicals, and she been exhibited in London, New York, Los Angeles and Fuping, China, as well as a number of other national and international venues.

We invite you to take a special journey to a time in the future where we explore the past mutations of biological creatures that existed on this planetlong ago and have now become extinct.