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New Music Video for Naicisum Miami alternative rock band releases today!


Hello Viophilia art lovers, movers and shakers!

We wanted to share with you one of the latest projects of our in house Resident Artist Amir Shakir who's Miami alternative rock band is called Naicisum. His new music video for the song "Going In" off the Stranded in Earth album depicts some the rainy and abandoned streets of Miami.

Naicisum is an alternative rock band from Miami, Florida, founded in 2010 by Amir Shakir (Lead Vocalist, guitar) and Casey Kimble (guitar, backing vocals). Naicisum’s “sound” is diverse but distinct with hints of R&B and Hip Hop grooves sheltered by heavy guitars driving dynamic variation. You can expect the smooth and sensual but be ready for the heavy and chunky when listening to Naicisum’s debut album. The music is dynamic with progressive melodies and lyrics that impart the beauties and struggles of the human experience.

The bands debut album was titled Stranded on Earth to bring attention to the relentless battle for human freedom and survival on ever abundant Earth. Earth sustains life effortlessly and generously unless greed hampers her ability to share freely. If we destroy our environment we will be stranded here..

You can buy the song or album here and here!

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