The Wynwood artist residency program at Viophilia was designed by artists for artists to provide an open and supportive environment rich in local cultural resources.  Offering a collective space where creatives can co-exist and collaborate in the communal areas and also retreat into privacy of their studio units all within the the lively Wynwood Arts District. This variety in environments offers participants a range of experiences to find inspiration whether seeking to connect with others or work without distraction. Participants are encouraged to explore new processes and experiment without inhibitions as the artistic dialogue continues around the clock.

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Once selected for the program artists are provided with a private studio and full access to the communal exhibition studio and other shared facilities. All participants are required to premier two (2) of the following events of their choosing within a 6-month period:

  • Solo and/or Group exhibition
  • Solo and/or Group performance
  • Creative workshop
  • Community outreach event
  • Social networking event